The Foolishness of Man

It is an obvious truth to anyone that has even a remotely acute sense of perception that we live in an increasingly technological world. The last century has seen more rapid advancement with regard to technology than all of the previous eras of human history combined. Such a swift expansion did not just affect oneContinue reading “The Foolishness of Man”

Serving with Tears

Growing up, I was fascinated with western movies. Incredible landscapes, exciting gun duels, unforgettable music, and the greatest names in Hollywood were all part of what made “The Western” the signature genre of cinema’s Golden Age. Perhaps no movie star is more well-known for starring in westerns than John Wayne. A “tough guy” to theContinue reading “Serving with Tears”

Soli Deo Gloria

Dear Readers, You may have noticed something about me. I tend to say “Soli Deo Gloria” a lot. Each time I post a blog, I end it with that statement. Each time I post on the FaceBook page, my post ends with that statement. When I write emails, instead of ending with “sincerely” or “thankContinue reading “Soli Deo Gloria”


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